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5 handy links about Amsterdam

Here are some funny and informative resources about life in Amsterdam, the people of Amsterdam and everything in-between:

While this is an obvious mention (I Amsterdam being the official online resource), this page isn’t solely interesting for tourists looking for sightseeing recommendations and events in the city. There is also lots of practical information to be found about working, living and studying in Amsterdam, as well as connecting with fellow expats.


This is a “Dutch magazine for expats” on all things Dutch. It excellently explains a lot of Dutch mysteries to an international audience, such as politics, quirks and the weather.

It's a must-read if you want to stay updated about what has been going on in the country.

Debra Barraud, a student-turned-photographer, shares images and stories about the people of Amsterdam on her blog and on facebook. Through Humans of Amsterdam you will meet many of those interesting characters that make Amsterdam so special and unique.

Are you looking to find a job in the Netherlands after completing your studies? This is the page for you!

It posts great job opportunities that ask for your native language skills.

This Blog highlights the funny side of the Dutch experience. The best place for a satirical look at living the Netherlands.

The writer, a Canadian who has settled in Amsterdam, also wrote a series of books about the Dutch culture and motherhood.

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