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Spring is coming!

Spring in Amsterdam is a magical time. I compiled some tips on experiencing it to the fullest:

On National Tulip Day, everyone can pick up a free tulip (or a bunch) at Dam Square. The event is hosted every year on the third Saturday of January.

1. Don’t go to Keukenhof (a ticket costs 16€), but see the flower fields just outside for free.

You can find the flowerfields in Lisse (Zwartelaan, Essenlaan, Loosterweg-Zuid and Herenweg: the area between Engelbewaarderskerk and Ruine van Dever) and in Hillegom (Veenenburgerlaan, Zuider Leidsevaart and Derde Loosterweg)

2. Avoid Bloemenmarkt at all costs: it’s full of tourists, thus stressful to navigate and there are little actual flowers to be found. Instead, head to the smaller flower shops dotted everywhere throughout the city. One of those little shops can be found on a corner of Spui square.

3. There are also some nice alternatives to the classic Vondelpark: the Amsterdamse Bos in the South of Amsterdam and the small, lesser known Amstelpark (beautiful flower gardens as well as a creepy albino kangaroo).


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