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  • Arash

The Gym

Want to get that summer body, or just better yourself for your own happiness as opposed to pleasing others because the societal value of beauty is a very flawed concept?

It’s time to work out!

If you’re one of the fortunate ones to be lucky enough to get accommodation in Uilenstede, or any other place that’s between a kilometre or three away from it, then a great deal to indulge in is the VU Sports Centrum that’s right in the heart of the place.

Let me give you a little description of this lovely oasis of self-betterment in this dessert of hedonism that is known as Amsterdam. For starters, there’s a great little sandwich shop right outside of it, I think it’s great, I haven’t actually been there to eat, but it looks like something you’d call ‘great’.

You walk past that, there’s a little play area for children, so if you arrive in Amsterdam with kids and want to work out, just leave them there with somebody you trust while you pump iron and steel.

Now, to truly test your dedication to upholding a fulfilling lifestyle of good health and a happy mind, you’re going to have to legitimately walk through a bar in order to get inside the gym. I always found this pretty funny, how you’re going to have to go on a little mental journey and combat your innate gluttony in order to work out. They do sell fabulous wraps in here though, which I actually have had, and beers are 1.80 euros.

The pricing for the gym is also rather wonderful. The equipment is state of the art and the staff there is very experienced, so they can cater to every one of your body-building needs.

Below you’ll find the price list for ‘category 1’ which is purely for students.

They also have a huge range of classes which can be found on the website of the facility.

I guess it’s time to burn away all those stroopwafels and bitterballen (which they also happen to sell at the bar).

Enjoy your workout, live long and prosper!

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