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The Green Living Lab - the Green Student Bootcamp Challenge

The Green Student Bootcamp Challenge

Did you know there is a secret garden hidden right next to the campus of the VU? It’s not very big, so don’t feel alarmed that you haven’t noticed it. It’s called the Green Living Lab and it’s a place where you can learn about sustainability, get dirt under your fingernails and meet some cool people. I got to know the Green Living Lab last autumn when I took part in their Community Compost School. Every second Friday afternoon I would come to the dome of the Green Living Lab and learn something new. Mostly involving worms.

At the Green Living Lab you don’t have to live in a CO2 neutral cabin, only eat biodynamic lentils and knit your own socks; it’s a place for everyone – including sock-knitters – who are interesting in learning more about nature, sustainability and health, and how these concepts can be combined even in urban areas such as Amsterdam.

Luckily for you, the Green Living Lab has launched its new programme called the Green Student Bootcamp Challenge. Starting on the 12th of May, this programme will take place on 10 Friday afternoons from 2-5pm. The lovely people behind the Green Living Lab have prepared a great programme where students get the opportunity to learn to, for example, cook with ingredients which you usually overlook in the crowded Jumbo, and of ways to turn conventional “waste” into a resource. If you like the idea of spending some afternoons in the company of passionate people, and you’re up for the challenge, I encourage you to send an email to to get an application form right away, or check out the flyer on facebook.


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