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Getting ready for Amsterdam: Nate

Last article in this series, about students moving here to start their exciting international student life in beautiful Amsterdam. Read about Nate's expectations for autumn and plans for backpacking through Europe!

Photo: Washington DC

How will you say good-bye to your current city?

I live in what we American’s call the “DMV”. This is the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan-area. I was born in Maryland and I have always lived in this powerfully interesting, culturally diverse and controversial area. I live in a rapidly growing area (as I’m sure many of us around the world can agree and attest to) called Columbia. It sits directly in the middle of Baltimore City and Washington, D.C. Throughout my life, I have had more social connections between D.C. and Baltimore, and not so much for Virginia/Northern Virginia. So, for me, it’s not the DMV, but more so DMB (Baltimore, instead of Virginia)!

Although it may seem superficial, political or just downright senseless to tie myself in with so many different social bodies, I genuinely do feel attached to my connections across the DMB area. The question is how will I say goodbye to my city? Well, when I have my hometown, work town, college town, and nation’s capital to say goodbye to, it’s easy to say my hands are full and heart is heavy!

I went to school around Baltimore, so I have been making weekend trips up to hang out with friends and spend time in the places I know and love. I also spend a lot of time in Earth Treks, Baltimore, which is a rock climbing gym but it’s quite far away, so my trips must be sparing.

Washington, D.C. is where I had my first few jobs. Upon returning, I walk the many streets to re-explore familiar places and discover new eggs to cherish. Some of my favorite places include Maketto’s, where I can get the best coffee, for the best price and gather my thoughts. A short ride away is Echostage, where I would catch many of my favorite DJ’s. Daikaya, another one of my favorite businesses, closer to downtown, offers some of the best Japanese ramen I’ve ever had. If anyone has visited Washington, D.C. and is familiar with European metropolitan cities, what do you think about the similarities and differences between the two, architecturally and infra-structurally?

As for saying goodbye to my hometown, I am spending as much time with family as possible and making sure I am ready for my trip. This is a meditation in itself.

What are you packing to Amsterdam?

Currently I am packing my bags and I thought to myself, “I have never packed for winter, in the summer”. The last time I was in Holland, was after Christmas and I rang in the New Year in the city of Amsterdam. My two week stay in the Netherlands was amazing, but I do remember how cold it was! Exploring the city in freezing conditions was an adventure and actually, I look forward to building super-cozy outfits that will protect me from the cold-snap of Amsterdam, haha. Challenge accepted!

Plans and expectations of Amsterdam

I can’t wait to see what Amsterdam is like in the fairer seasons. Arriving in late-Summer seems like a bit of a tease, but I’m sure the Autumn season will be amazing. I do not plan on attending many of Introduction Week events because I’ll be backpacking through Europe. Also, I move in on the 27th, as my accommodations are currently being renovated and that is the earliest I can move in. So, with that being said, if anyone reading this is very outgoing and meets awesome people at the Introduction Week, feel free to catch me up to speed! As in, let’s get drinks! Proost! :)

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