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  • Rohit Shaw

Amsterdam Light Festival

You must've seen (or heard of) the Amsterdam Light Festival by now. No, they're not the decorative lights that you see over the city center, Leidseplein, and other areas. The lights which are part of the light festival are artistic and much fancier. The best part - you can see them all for FREE!

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual festival which takes place around the city ​​center of Amsterdam in the months of December and January. Specially designed light artworks and installations by contemporary artists, designers, and architects are exhibited.

This year (2018-2019), 29 distinct artworks are being exhibited. At first, none of it will make sense to you and you'll find yourself scratching your head searching for what the artworks mean. Fret not, you'll find descriptions for each on the pavements around them. Interesting, isn't it?

Map & Route:

  • The walking/cycling route is 8,5 km long and starts at the Beursplein. There are three suggested routes, which are connected to public transport, which you can find here.

  • The other option is to take a boat tour (starting from EUR 17,50) which is 6,5 km long. I would highly recommend doing a boat tour for one reason - the artworks around canal bridges come to life when you pass through them!

A glimpse of the artworks

Have you seen all the lights yet? If not, you're in luck as you still have 5 days to see them.

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