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  • Yuyu

Goodbye China and good morning Netherlands!

Our student Yuyu had a very original way to say goodbye to her family and friends back home - she organised a concert where she was the star! Read about this special farewell and her transition to Amsterdam.

Saying goodbye to my home

Before I packed my stuff for Amsterdam, I have organised a farewell concert for my friends and family where I played my flute at the in a beautiful gallery in my hometown Guangzhou (Canton). I performed several classical and Chinese pieces. We ate a delicious cake together while having precious conversations. I received the best wishes and blessings which moved me. This wonderful night became a cherished memory in our mind.

Preparing my luggage

I divided my things into several groups, such as winter clothes, spring clothes, my books and electronic products. I put emphasis on things related to my hobbies, such as my flute, camera, gym suit, swimsuits, etc. I took some previous textbooks that might be useful for my Master's programme.

Amsterdam to-do list

I want to establish a new life routine in Amsterdam, figure out when I need to get up, when can I go to the gym. Secondly, I intend to make some like-minded friends. Hopefully, I can play some flute songs for them. Finally, buying some daily necessities is on my to-do list. It is also important to ask for information about insurance, phone card, bank account, the second-hand bike, etc.

Last time in the Netherlands

One of my favorite traveling experiences happened last time I visited the Netherlands, I went to a lecture at a university about how to deal with the expired food. It opened my eyes to new possibilities! I met many talented people with whom I shared opinions and ideas. I wanted to learn more from them, so I decided to move to this part of the world and do my Master's. I hope I made a right choice :)

I hope you liked this article, and have a good day. See you at the campus!

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