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Cold or warm, let's go out!

Planning friend dates can be pretty exhausting with so many things to consider: weather, budget, number of people, location, activities, and everyone's schedules. But during these past months, moving from winter to spring to summer, my friends and I have found ways to hang out and relax.

There are so many options in Amsterdam, and while it can be a bit overwhelming, it's also exciting to know there’s always something fun to do that fits your budget.

For Cold, Rainy, and Gloomy Days:


Amsterdam has a ton of cinemas showing everything from blockbuster hits to indie and cultural films. Plus, there are forums and meet-ups where you can chat about the movie over a drink. The Eye Film Museum is one of my favourites—great movies and an amazing view.

Check out the list of independent cinemas and how to get a cinema card here:

Stand-Up Comedy and Storytelling Nights:

Mezrab is awesome for a night of laughs and stories. I went with friends on a Wednesday night, and the vibe was fantastic. I even got on stage and shared a funny story, making people laugh. They have great food and cheap beer—what more could you want?

Check out Mezrab's calendar here: Mezrab


Amsterdam has an immense variety of museums for everyone’s tastes. The Van Gogh 

Museum is my favourite, but I also love the Fabrique des Lumières located at Westerpark. It offers a different way to enjoy and immerse yourself in art. If you plan to visit multiple 

museums throughout the year, it’s worth looking into the Museumkaart.

Find more information here:

For Sunny and Warm Days:


Amsterdam has tons of food and clothes markets happening weekly or monthly. You can hit the famous ones like Albert Cuypmarkt, Waterlooplein Flower Market, or Noordermarkt-Boerenmarkt. Don’t miss the bigger, lesser-known ones like IJ Hallen (one of the biggest flea markets in Europe!) or De Hallen Amsterdam market, usually on Sundays.

Find all the current markets here: Amsterdam Markets


With summer here, it's the perfect time to be outside and enjoy the sun at various festivals. There’s something for everyone’s music taste. I wasn’t really into techno and house, but after trying out a couple of festivals in Amsterdam and one in Nijmegen, I loved it. The vibe, music, food, and activities were all fantastic.

The next festival I’m heading to is Loveland; check it out here: Loveland Festival


Time for a picnic! With better weather, all we want to do is be outside. Gather your friends, grab some drinks and snacks, and soak up the sun at any of Amsterdam's beautiful parks, or even take a day trip to a nearby beach. Bring along some board games, a painting set for arts and crafts, or your favourite book to just relax and enjoy the day.


Summer is here, and your body knows it! As a dance enthusiast, I jump at any chance to

dance to some Latin or Afro beats. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Westerpark

and discovered Summer Breeze. It happens every Thursday, and if you arrive before 6:45 pm, the entrance is free!

Check it out here: Summer Breeze

Enjoy planning your friend dates, and have a blast exploring Amsterdam!



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