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Cross-Cultural Adjustments

Catch up with Sophia, our Semester in Amsterdam Blogger from Munich, Germany, and learn how she's adjusting to the Netherlands and courses at the VU in her latest blog!

Hi there,

Pretty overwhelmed with all the new moments I collected over the last few weeks! First of all, I had to do some quarantine and retrieve my luggage and it was also my birthday, so it was kind of depressing not to be able to celebrate it with friends. However, I met some really kind and generous people that helped me through this time as a matter of course. I came to Amsterdam a little unprepared but I was picked up by the hospitality of the people I met. Most Dutch people are easygoing and I appreciate the friendly vibes a lot!!! Now, I am living in Hotel CASA which has one part transformed into a student dorm. I feel very at home especially as my dorm mates have turned out to be super lively and welcoming. I have to admit that the first week was extremely hard for me as the exam session from my home university was still taking place. I was juggling my new courses at the VU while at the same time trying to pass my exams from last semester. Anyway, the weather was really cold and now, as the days are getting warmer, I have finished (or postponed xD) all the ‘antique’ tests and papers and I’m finally able to fully arrive here.

Over the past few days, I have begun to explore different parts of the city and have enjoyed walks with my new dormmates along the canals. I feel so fulfilled by the beauty of the city. I hope it will get warmer soon and yes, let’s hope the coronavirus will be held at bay by then too. At least, people are pretty relaxed about the situation here, even though everything is taught online as well. I miss the Italian food a little, but I discovered that in the Netherlands people eat many different types of food. I like to order Indian if I’m too lazy to cook or get some Indonesian food from the supermarket. As all the other shops have been closed, I lacked some basic home equipment. I ordered at IKEA and only after two week was I able to pick up my stuff. Also, I am really into plants and it was not easy to get some, but as you can see in the picture I have found three cuties ;)

At first, I was bit overwhelmed by the educational level of the university and I had to quit a course called ‘Econometrics III’. I never had any econometrics and I guess, the ‘III’ means you have to have some background knowledge xD. Anyway, the courses are quite interesting and I am really hoping that at some point the university will also open. Until then, I will keep myself busy with online yoga, sunny walks, picnics, and dinner parties…apart from studying of course :D

Happy days!




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