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How to start learning Dutch

Today, I’m thrilled to share an opportunity that’s pivotal for us international students in Amsterdam: the chance to learn Dutch and integrate more deeply into Dutch society. Immersing ourselves in the local culture and language can profoundly enrich our experience in this vibrant city.


Upon arriving in Amsterdam, captivated by its picturesque canals and warm, welcoming atmosphere, I quickly realised the importance of learning Dutch for a richer, more connected experience. This led me to explore the civic integration courses (inburgeringscursus) available to us, often free of charge, thanks to the city’s inclusive policies.


My own journey with these courses has been nothing short of transformative. Starting with basic Dutch, I gradually honed my language skills. But beyond teaching language, the courses delved into essential life skills, equipping me with the tools to navigate Amsterdam with confidence.

From learning about Dutch customs to mastering digital literacy and financial management, each lesson was a step towards becoming an active part of this community. Through interactive sessions and cultural immersion, I not only improved my Dutch but also forged meaningful connections with fellow learners and locals alike.


Courses typically run for three months to a year, offering flexibility to accommodate various schedules. Enrolling is straightforward, with options for online registration ( or in-person visits to walk-in information centres.


I urge you to view these courses not just as an academic requirement but as a gateway to a fuller, more engaging Amsterdam experience. Learning Dutch opens up new dialogues, friendships, and understandings, making this beautiful city feel even more like home.



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