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Introducing: Eugenia

Our newest blogger, wannabe writer and bachelor student, Eugenia, is excited to share her journey through university and life as an expat with our readers. Enjoy the reading!

Who am I?

My name is Eugenia, a Latin telenovela inspired name that Dutch people find it impossible to pronounce, 20 years old , huge bookworm, wannabe writer, and museum lover. Almost two years ago I moved from Argentina to The Netherlands, in search of a life-changing experience, now I’m in my second year of the BA program Literature and Society: English. I’m excited about sharing my journey through university and life as an expat with my fellow VU international students.

Why VU?

When I first arrived in The Netherlands my focus wasn’t university, I was there to have a gap year, travel, learn Dutch to reconnect with my roots, and go back home but somehow I ended up checking out open days for universities, and the Vrije Universiteit was recommended.

Because I had no clear idea of what I wanted to study, I attended a bunch of presentations that day, and after hearing the experiences of other students from the Literature and Society program, I started seriously thinking about staying in The Netherlands to study. After the open day, I went back for a taster day, to get a feeling of the VU when it is not on display, and I was charmed by the prospect of life as a student there, with all its advantages and challenges. So I decided to throw my plan out the window and try out uni life at VU, which has become yet another life-changing experience that I am thoroughly enjoying.

Where am I now?

Usually, in a pre-pandemic world, I live in Zaandam a city five minutes away from Amsterdam by train. But since mid-May, I’m at my parents’ house in Tandil, Argentina, a city surrounded by the oldest mountain ranges of the world, as the locals like to brag (not an entirely true fact but the sight definitely is one for sore eyes). Here we still are in lock-down, in this case, we do in fact hold the record for longest lock-down in the world yet the cases are just now spiking, so the future is uncertain. But summer is about to start, the academic year is about to end, so people are happy about getting a break and with hopes for the situation to change, at least a little, for the better.

In the meantime I keep busy, doing lectures and seminars from home, but four hours behind the CET time zone (international students with crazy class schedules because of time zones, I see you) but definitely with more sun. I’m also thrilled about sharing here my journey as an international student at VU, the uni at home struggles, and navigating life in another country, from tips and recommendations to reflecting on this ever-changing life experience that is living and studying abroad.

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