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The start of my semester in Amsterdam: an introduction

In this blog post, Sofie, a Semester in Amsterdam student at VU Amsterdam, warmly introduces herself and divulges her story of how she came to decide on Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam in particular as the destination to continue her academic journey.

Hey all! <3 I am so pleased to introduce myself as this semester’s student blogger for Semester in Amsterdam!

Sofie, Semester in Amsterdam student at VU Amsterdam, and her dog

My name is Sofie, I’m 24 and I just moved to Amsterdam with my dog Summer. I’m originally from a small town named Hørsholm in Denmark (30 min outside Copenhagen for reference) but recently I have been pursuing a Bachelor's in Anthropology across the country in Aarhus. Unsurprisingly, I am very interested in foreign cultures and diversity. The metropolitan city of Amsterdam therefore piqued my curiosity years ago due to its multifaceted populations and transnationalism. So now, here I am, 800 km away from my roots ready to make Amsterdam my home away from home! I hope you all will enjoy and follow along on my journey.

My current Amsterdam and my future Amsterdam as a Semester in Amsterdam student

I always knew I wanted Amsterdam to be a chapter of my youth or young adult life, either through travels, studies or living abroad a long-awaited wish come true for me.

However, this upcoming semester in Amsterdam won’t be my first time acquainting myself with the Dutch streets, people and culture. Quite the contrary - I've had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Amsterdam in various ways over the last couple of years. My first visit took place during a girls' trip in the spring of '22 and remarkably, even as a tourist, I felt an immediate sense of belonging. Amsterdam's charm revealed itself through the laid-back atmosphere, cafes buzzing with people enjoying the sun or calmly people-watching the bikes pass by. It was during this weekend that I also crossed paths with the sweetest guy and little did I know this would alter my entire future going forward.

It's a story that’s seems straight out of a Hollywood script, a narrative where a Danish girl, wandering the picturesque streets of Amsterdam, crosses paths with a charming Dutch boy and finds a love that transcends borders, leading them to embark on a 1.5-year long-distance relationship. Consequently, I’ve travelled to and from Amsterdam routinely since 2022. In this sense, Amsterdam has already proved to be a city capable of putting its mark on me in many ways first as a city of dreams, then of wondrous travels and, finally, as a city of love and futures possibilities. Yet, my anticipation grows as I look forward to see what else Amsterdam has in store for me. 

Sofie, Semester in Amsterdam student at VU Amsterdam, leaving to study abroad

Sofie, Semester in Amsterdam student at VU Amsterdam, in a car driving


From February on, I will get to know Amsterdam through academics, through newly founded friendships and through the wonderfully mundane routines of everyday life. So, to say that I am excited about studying at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam would be an understatement. I envision myself in the near future, feeling the vibrant life of students as I step onto the VU campus, each student bringing their unique experiences, beliefs and nationalities to the table. Wandering through the halls of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, I anticipate not just finding my way in physical spaces but navigating a rich intellectual landscape. The esteemed Social Sciences department at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a thrilling final chapter in my Bachelor's journey, especially because the university provides a multitude of interdisciplinary courses to choose from. This allows me to explore new facets and corners of my Anthropology degree that will hopefully continue to inspire me going forward.

This, for me, is not just an educational institution; it's a place of ideas, perspectives and intellectual curiosity.

In essence, the prospect of being a student here thrills me, and I am eager to immerse myself in an environment that undoubtedly will broaden my views, encourage personal and academic growth and ultimately prepare me to make a positive impact in the world and amongst the people around me. I am also beyond grateful for the opportunity to better my writing and blogging skills through this platform. During my previous stays I already gathered many “local” recommendations and I will unquestionably add loads more in the coming months. I can’t wait to share all my “off the beaten track” tips, tricks and places with you in this blog.

As mentioned earlier, please join me for future blogs as I make Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the city of Amsterdam and Dutch living my home away from home. <3

All the best,



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