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#VUathome: Firsthand Stories from Students and Staff: Farah

Welcome to our new series of interviews with students and staff, both here in Amsterdam and around the world. Let's find out how they are doing during these challenging times: meet Farah, our Semester in Amsterdam student blogger who is now following courses online at home in Egypt.

  • Tell us who you are and where are you now?

Hey everyone! My name is Farah Awadalla. I am a Semester in Amsterdam student studying Political Science. After seeing how this virus was escalating around the world, I knew that I should return back to my home in Egypt and start working from there. I thought it would be easier to stay with my family during these times.

  • How is it to study/work from home? Any tips for other students?

To be honest, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. The temptation of watching Netflix rather than studying is taunting me until this day. However, with time, it gets easier. My main strategy is to plan, plan, plan! My calendar hasn’t left my side for weeks. Keeping important dates in order, organizing my to-do list, and scheduling time for some much-needed rest are my top three strategies for dealing with the current situation.

  • What do you miss the most at the moment? 

Currently what I miss the most is simply going out with friends, something I took for granted for so long.

  • What is the first thing you will do when the situation is back to normal?

The first thing I will do when the situation is back to normal is meet up with friends at my favorite restaurant which is unfortunately closed at this time.

  • What cheers you up or brings you the most comfort during this time?

What brings me the most comfort during this time is definitely face-timing my friends. Knowing that all of us are in the same situation and struggling with the same kinds of issues is definitely helping to keep me sane.



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