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  • Martina

Amsterdam on a budget!

Amsterdam is an amazing city to live in and having a good time here can also fit a student-budget. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy the city without spending too much.


If you're tired of cooking every day or just want to hang out with your friends while having something to eat, go to Leidsekruisstraat! This street is popularly refered to as the "5 euro street", because most restaurants offer meals for that price. Most of the restaurants offer Italian or Argentinean dishes. Don't expect a luxurious meal, but the food and vibe are actually quite nice for such an inviting price.


Amsterdam is full of attractions and there is always a concert or event worth attending. A good way to find cheaper tickets is the Last Minute Ticket Shop. There you can find big discounts on tickets of events happening on that same day.


Twice a month on Thursdays, the Vrije Universiteit offers movie screenings followed by a debate. The movie sessions take place at the University itself and tickets are only 6 euros for students. Our blogger Anna has written a review about one of the screenings she attended. Follow this link to check it out.

Concertgebouw - Main Hall


If you're looking for old-school entertainment, the Concertgebouw offers weekly lunchtime orchestra concerts for free. The concerts usually take place on Wednesdays at the Concertgebouw, which is a must-see in Amsterdam located right at the Museumplein.

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