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  • Sara Maria @ssaraelf

Getting ready for Amsterdam: Sara Maria

September is around the corner, and so it is a fresh start for new students. How are they preparing for it, saying goodbye to family and friends? Let's hear from Sara Maria, our Instagram and blog star!

The moving day is coming closer and closer. I have two weeks left in Finland and it feels crazy. I feel that time is going way too fast. The last couple of months have just flown by, like could we back up a couple of weeks, thanks? As you can probably tell I’m really anxious about moving, but I’m also excited. It’s going to be so great and life well changing.

How will you say good-bye to your current city?

I’m trying to soak in as much as I can when walking the streets here and really trying to enjoy everything. This city is so beautiful right now (if you ignore the huge work site throughout the city). Even though I am happy to have lived in Tampere I’m sad that I can’t go spend time in my actual hometown. I just don’t have the time, since I’m working till the day I leave. My parents came to get all my stuff last weekend, and that was the last time I’ll be seeing them while living here. So that was also kinda sad. I’m now trying to see my friends as much as I can. This weekend we will gather up with couple of my friends and have a night out. It’ll be our last hooray together before I leave.

I will admit that I feel sad about leaving and am also scared. I know I will make friends in Amsterdam and so one, but the fact that I still don’t have a place to live kinda hunts me. But I have determined to stay positive and trust that everything will work out. It’s no use to take all my energy to worry.

Photo: Roller coaster in my hometown

What are you packing for Amsterdam?

I have already packed my bags and sold my furniture, since I had to already leave my apartment in Tampere. Now I’m just crashing with friends and living out of my suitcases. I’m basically homeless. I packed my clothes with me (and threw a lot of them away), some basic hygiene stuff and other more or less mandatory things (including my laptop, makeup, other electronic devices, moka pot (yes, we Finns love our coffee)). I gave all my winter clothes to my parents so they will send those out to me later.

What are your plans during introduction week?

I’m really excited about the first weeks in Amsterdam (if you ignore the fact that I don’t have a place to live). I will be attending the whole introduction week program and planning on meeting a lot of new people. If you spot me come say hi! I have a resting bitch face, but I’m actually really nice. My plans also include trying to find a place to call home. Many of my friends are basically already booking plane tickets to come see me. And well it would be nice if I had a floor for them to sleep on.

Thanks for reading and see you in Amsterdam!

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