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Introducing Yuyu

We would like to introduce you our new blogger, Qianyao, for friends Yuyu. She has high expectations of the Master and she is busy learning Dutch before arriving here. Read her To-do-list, maybe you'll find something useful for yourself!

This is me

Who am I?

My name is Qianyao Wu. My friends always call me Yuyu. I am from Canton, China.

(Yes, we are good at making food. Yes, we have a long history and a traditional culture)

My hometown is one of the biggest international cities in China, which is famous for its food and the Canton Tower. I studied Finance before and I will study the master program at VU: Financial Management, MSc Business Administration. In my free time, I enjoy playing and performing the flute, learning languages, doing sport, and experiencing new and interesting things.

Canton (Guangzhou), China

Why did I choose Amsterdam and the VU?

When I traveled around the Netherlands, I fell in love with it irrevocably, especially Amsterdam.

Firstly, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Surrounded by beautiful architecture, world-famous museums and canals, Amsterdam is a safe, friendly, and vibrant city with so much to explore, where you feel never bored.

Secondly, during my travel, I noticed people living in Amsterdam are very friendly and open-minded. Communicating with many talented people in Amsterdam inspired me a lot and opened my eyes to new possibilities.

As for choosing the VU, first, the optimal location of the VU will allow me to build upon my internship experiences in the financial area, with a focus on the marketing or data analysis.

Second, I must continue to enhance my knowledge and skills by pursuing a program at such an elite university to connect with like-minded individuals and grow under the custodianship of brilliant educators.

My expectations/fears

I have three expectations for this academic year.

  • ​Trying my best to get a higher score in my future studies

  • Taking an internship in my ideal company

  • Enriching my life after school by participating in competitions, associations and volunteer activities

My biggest fear is the work-life balance. As you can see, I am kind of an ambitious person who longs for exploring various things, so It is difficult for me to balance my study-life, internship and my life after school. I hope that I can manage time and energy efficiently to hack productivity.

My life after school - making soft drinks in a café

My to-do list (before coming to Amsterdam)

  • Learning Dutch. My recent Dutch level is around A2, and I hope that I can arrive at the B1 level before coming in Amsterdam.

  • Doing a search and making a list about what I should bring

  • Packing my suitcases

  • Previewing textbooks of future courses

  • Improving my English to adapt quickly to my study and life in Amsterdam

Finally, I am so excited about studying at VU and meeting tons of brilliant people at the VU. Thank you for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed this article and have a good day!

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