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Tips for exam preparation and studying

Read some tips from Yuyu, our student blogger, about studying, preparing for exams and making of doable study plan. She learned a lot during the first semester about efficient studying!

Hi, nice to meet you! I am YUYU.

At the end January, we finally finish the exam week for the 3rd period. Here, I want to review and summarize the studying life in the first semester.

Exam example is very important

Firstly, I want to emphasize the importance of the exam examples (or previous exam examples). I noticed that some knowledge from the exam examples is put into the questions of the final exam in this year, so it is important to read the exam examples very carefully and master the related knowledge from them. Moreover, we also can know which kind of knowledge is vital, and how this might be put into the exam.

Reading study materials is significant

Secondly, during the studying process, readying the study materials is important as well. For example, reading the slides before lectures will help you to catch the professor’s lecture up, and reading the study materials after class will be helpful to understand and review the knowledge well. From the first period, I have learned a lesson: I should read the studying materials on time, rather than the last minutes (like in the preparation week for the exam), because there is too much to read.

Making a suitable study plan

Last but not least, time management and making a study plan is also helpful for studying. After the first semester of studying, I know much more about how to study here than when I arrived here.

At the beginning of second semester, I want to make a study plan to help me organize my study life. For example, I should pre-study slides before the lectures. I should review and summarize my notes at the weekend. I should make a plan in terms of reading how much materials in which week etc. Making a suitable study plan is key to time management and efficient study. If you can manage your time and organize study well, that will be good for your balance between your study and your life.

Finally, I hope you guys can get a great score on your exam. Let’s study efficiently in the coming study period. Good luck with your studying!

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