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I want to visit museums in Amsterdam. Should I get a Museumkaart?

Updated: May 7

Amsterdam is internationally well-known for its many museums. The popular Rijksmuseum or the legendary Van Gogh Museum are just some of the countless interesting sites Amsterdam has to offer!

When residing in the city of Rembrandt, it's highly recommended to make the most of your stay by visiting as many exhibitions as you can. Visiting marvelous spaces such as the Rembrandt Huis or the Stedelijk Museum may be an incredible but also expensive experience. A standard ticket for the Van Gogh Museum is priced at 22€!

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

At this point, you may be asking; is there any way I can visit as many museums as I can without spending a fortune? Let me introduce you to the Museumkaart.

The Museumkaart is a museum pass that gives you access to more than 500 museums and other tourist spots in The Netherlands according to the official website. You can easily order it online or at some concrete museums. Here are the things you need to consider before acquiring a Museumkaart:

  • The price of the museum card is 75€ for adults and 39€ for children.

  • You need to provide a Dutch address since they will send it to you by regular mail. If you buy the card in a museum, they will give you a temporary card while the physical one arrives at your mailbox.

  • The card expires after one year, so visit as many museums as possible during that period!

  • Not all of the museums in The Netherlands are included with the Museumkaart, for example, Madame Tussauds or Moco Museum are not included. (Yes, Anne Frank's Huis is actually included with the Museumkaart).

My recommendation if you love cultural activities is don't think twice and get a Museumkaart as soon as you set foot in the city! To conclude, let me share with you some of my favourite museums that you can visit with this museum pass: Anne Frank Huis, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt Huis, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam Museum, Cobra Museum Amstelveen, De Nieuwe Kerk, De Oude Kerk, Het Hollands Kaasmuseum, NEMO and FOAM are places you cannot miss during your stay!

With love from Amsterdam,

Francisco Pérez Céspedes



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