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From Dreaming to Dorm Life: My Journey to Uilenstede

I still vividly remember the knot of nervous anticipation in my stomach as I lugged my suitcases through the dorm's entrance for the first time. Would I click with my roommates? How would I navigate this new independence? But those worries quickly melted away as I was enveloped by the warm, welcoming atmosphere of Uilenstede.


From the start, I was struck by the diversity represented within these dorm walls. Students from all over the world, with different backgrounds and perspectives, coexisting together. It was both humbling and inspiring to be part of such a rich, multicultural community.


As I settled into my new routine, I discovered that Uilenstede is much more than just a place to live. It is a launching pad for new experiences, lasting friendships, and personal growth. Study sessions in the common rooms, movie nights that turned into deep philosophical conversations, and co ed cultural festivals that opened my eyes to traditions I'd never known.


Living at Uilenstede gave me incredibly convenient access to VU Amsterdam's world-class amenities. The Sportcentrum VU, just a short walk from the dorms, became my oasis for blowing off steam between study sessions. Whether it is getting my endorphin fix at the gym, playing basketball with flatmates, or taking ballroom dancing classes, it is the perfect place to recharge.


And when refueling is a priority, Il Caffe in Uilenstede earned its reputation as the community's hangout hub. This cozy café serves up the ideal study fuel - from frothy lattes to Heineken beer pressed to perfection.


Of course, some of the most iconic Uilenstede experiences took place within the legendary Green Tower. The dorm's social nucleus regularly hosted student parties and cultural events that brought everyone together for unforgettable nights. Who could forget the techno parties on the 6th floor kitchen after exams where we went all out to transform the Tower into our own private club?


So, to all the prospective students out there, I encourage you to take that leap. Step outside your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the enriching journey that is student life in Amsterdam. You might just find your own home in the unlikeliest of places - like I did at Uilenstede.

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