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Introducing: Linh Do

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Introducing Linh Do, our newest blogger and bachelor student in International Business Administration. Learn about why she loves Amsterdam and follow her experience at the VU!

Who am I?

My friends or people who know me would call me a daydreamer, a homebody, a typical introvert, or a person who is full of contradictions in oneself. But my official name is Linh Do. I was born and grew up in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. I am currently living in Amsterdam and pursuing my bachelor degree in International Business Administration at VU. I am on my second year of this program but my third year of residing and studying here in The Netherlands.

Why did I choose Amsterdam and the VU?

Even though I am a business student, I would confess that Arts and Culture is my passion which is actually the strength of this city. Since I moved here, museums and galleries have been my all-time favourite places.

Only wandering around this lovely city could help me find a lot of local and lesser-known spots which can be described as ‘gezellig’.

From travelling, I fell in love with every corner of the streets, a large number of bridges and an odd construction style with buildings beside the rivers; right away I had my decision to set up my life here and started my own adventure.

VU and the program IBA came to me as an unexpected opportunity, fresh and bright. Studying in Zuidas, the financial area of Amsterdam with the most modern buildings and a very dynamic working pace, is an amazing experience for me. Furthermore, I believe this will also benefit my internship experiences later on. Comparing to other Dutch universities, VU has a less international student percentage than others, however, I consider this as a unique opportunity for me to immerse myself in the local culture.

What can you expect from my future blog?

I would like to take advantage of blogging as a chance to share my own experience, what I have explored and what I am looking forward to encountering as a student. I would also love to express, here in this blog, various opinions from my own point of view as well as from other’s perspective about student life in Amsterdam.

Living a student life abroad can be difficult but exposing yourself to a new culture, I can tell you, is absolutely worth spending your youth here in Europe.

But for now, let’s stay healthy and motivated!



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