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Time Flies!

Check out the latest post from our Semester in Amsterdam blogger, Sophia, and hear about some of her last few weeks in Amsterdam.


Finally life is coming back to the streets as terraces are opened again!! If only the weather was better… but luckily, almost every place has heaters. Over the past weeks I have discovered some places and I have to say that Amsterdam’s terraces are great! It is always such a welcoming and cozy atmosphere :)

As there was more street life, including the famous King’s Day - a huge celebration of the King’s birthday in form of orange coloured street parties and festivities - I have got to know the Dutch culture a bit better. Let me be bold and describe my stereotypical Dutch person: he/she is into techno, never misses an opportunity to have some drinks, is refreshingly frank and will call you out on about anything and when it comes to rules, there is always some room for interpretation for him/her (it’s such an otherworldly experience coming from Germany and probably the thing I fancy most about the Dutch). Moreover, my Dutchman/-woman uses his/her bike whenever possible and if there is only a small ray of sunlight, he/she calls his friends to swarm out and make the most of it (probably because it rains more often than you would think - or is it only this year??). Last but not least, he/she does not only like to express his/her opinion but is also proud to be non-conventional about it. (fun fact: not all Dutch people are stoned hippies xD)

Slowly but surely the semester is coming to an end and some of my friends have already left. Time is passing so fast here!! Also, I have to move to another location as my living contract ends by the ends soon. I’m a bit sad about leaving as I already feel so at home but at the same time I’m looking forward to having my own kitchen at the new place! Anyway, this last period is going to be super relaxed I have only one course so there is plenty of time for further exploring the city and maybe for some day trips as well. Now, let me attend to my XXL kaneelbroodje - its smell is irresistible...

See you later!


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