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Zeit für einen Tapetenwechsel: Time for a Change of Scene!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Read Sophia's pre-departure blog and hear about her last few weeks in Italy before her Semester in Amsterdam begins!

Ciao from Italy! :)

“Oh my gosh, what’s happening?!” – Ohh, I just introduced myself. That’s me since COVID has started and the world is kind of running crazy. My friends would tell me “Sophia, always look on the bright side of life” and I mean I couldn’t agree more but “oh my gosh, what’s happening?!”

So, as you might have guessed by now: my name is Sophia and I am studying in Italy. I am originally a ‘Munich Girl’ but I have chosen to follow the PPE (= politics, philosophy and economics) course at the University of Bozen. During COVID I was locked in my student dormitory for months and to not get too depressed I thought about what my life will look like in the future and that’s when I dreamt about going to Amsterdam to study at the VU.

A little more about myself before coming to the important things: I love music and dancing (even though I am not very good at either), I love animals and being in nature and… I love overthinking. Basically, I feel too much on a daily basis as I am super into everything and everyone in the world and that’s why I get a little overwhelmed most of the times but in general I am fine. I am often a little indecisive and unprepared or wait – focussing on the positive, I am extremely flexible and spontaneous. For example, I still haven’t chosen a housing in Amsterdam and yes, I know it getting pretty late…

Bottom line: I love adventures of every kind and if there are none I will create some ;)

Now comes the important stuff: Let me think… Right now I am sitting in my little apartment in the 11th floor of the dormitory and looking out of the window into a freezing winter wonderland. This year I had to stay here for Christmas due to COVID and I thought it would going to be horrible as all my friends left… But, actually some Chinese students invited me to their “Christmas party” (they don’t really celebrate it, but we had a party anyway) and it turned out to be super fun!! We had a Chinese hot pot and a lot of rice schnapps. Just imagine a German girl sitting together with ten Chinese people around a table in the midst of an Italian city trying to communicate in a language mix of English, German, Italian and laughing (the only language everybody understood xD).

Anyway, I have to focus on the upcoming exam session now and I am also very much excited to fly to Amsterdam in the middle of everything. I cannot wait to get to know all the other students and I long for a “Tapetenwechsel” (= change of wallpaper, meaning change of scene) – that is my favourite word in German at the moment. Looking forward to getting started and collecting lots of cool memories that I will share with you, of course!

Ciao for now!




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