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Student Blog Team Under Construction: Join us now!

Dear Courageous Student,

Thanks for showing interest in our student blog and more importantly – wanting to be part of our student blog team! In order to choose the best team members for this year’s student blog team, we have decided to organise a competition! Are you up for it then read on:

Your task is to complete the tour described below and submit your experience in the form of an article, photo-essay, or a video (vlog-style). The medium of submission you choose will set your role in the blog. This means, if you want to be a writer, send us an article. If you want to be a photographer, send us photographs. If you want to be a vlogger, send us a video. You can choose to submit in multiple formats in which case, you apply for a more flexible role in the team.

  1. Start your tour by going to Museumplein. Observe the many activities happening around you. What was something unique you saw which didn’t exist in your country of origin? You may visit any of the museums and add your experience about it.

  2. Next, find some local Dutch person, greet him/her in Dutch and ask the nearest shop to buy ‘stroopwafels’ or ‘pepernoten’. Go to this shop and write down or otherwise share your experiences about a tradition Dutch bite.

  3. Next, go to the city center and walk through the many shopping streets. Add your experiences of the place. Did you manage to find a street performer?

You may choose to visit any additional things and add to your submission. Be creative! Do note – you have an audience of international students who want to learn, laugh or get touched by your experiences.

Expected length of your work? Written: 300-700 words Photo: max 10 photo’s Video: 1-3 minutes

Deadline Sunday 1 October 2017

Send to? (big files via WeTransfer)

Enjoy! Greetings from your VU student blog team

Here’s a few rules we need to point out: – The contest is intended for VU University students only, with a valid registration for academic year 2017/2018; any VU student is welcome although we do want students to have an international background / experience (exchange, semester in Amsterdam, Bachelor, etc. etc. ) – All footage needs to be recorded, edited and collected by yourself; – You have until January 15th 2017 to submit your work to: Given the size of your files, please make sure to use WeTransfer to send us your masterpieces; – We do not accept video material that is in any way inappropriate, discriminatory and/or offensive; – Your videos will be evaluated by a recruitment team consisting of 3 students and 1 VU staff member. – By submitting your video / written work / photo’s you are agreeing to the possibility of your material being used for promotional activities organized by VU University, our social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube and presentations on studying abroad.

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