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  • Sara Maria @ssaraelf

Hours spent on studying

Have you ever wondered how much time do bachelor psychology students spend on the university? What type of classes and other school work does their ordinary days consist from? In this post you get a little peek to university studies.

Wintery Finland

I hope everyone has had a relaxing break and wonderful time over the holidays. But now Christmas break is over and university’s doors opened on Monday. Third period started and it’s time to get our heads back to the books. I thought it would be nice for me to tell how much time in day/week as a bachelor psychology student I spend on school work and what kind of things does that time consist on. Especially, if there’s anyone reading who is considering on applying to VU to study BA psychology.

In a week, we (usually) have four lectures and two work groups, 1h45min each. That means 10h30min of university a week. That’s not that much and the lectures are voluntarily. But we are still expected to do 40 hours of school work a week, meaning about 30 hours of work to do at home. That includes papers to write, assignments, preparation for work groups, reading etc. To be honest you don’t need that much time (40h) to if just aim to get everything done. But if you want to do better than just pass, you do need to spend that time on the studying

In a day, I usually have 0-3 lectures/workgroups, depending on the period. Then I do possible homework or preparations for the next workgroups. In average, I could say that I spend about 5 hours a day on school (sometimes way more and sometimes way less). And if I haven’t had the time because of happenings or training during the week, I will do more over the weekends to catch up.

Even though we don’t have that much guided studying the university and professors give us a lot to base on our studies on at home. So, you don’t feel overwhelmed from the amount of information to study. We have quizzes we can make and helpful websites and even videos linked that explain the things we need to learn. Of course, all these things don’t do the studying for us, but they help.

I hope you have a great week and don't get too stressed out yet, it’s only the second week of the year!

Ensi kertaan,


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