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Amsterdam Food Walk

Check in with Sophia, our Spring 2021 Semester in Amsterdam blogger, and find out what she has been up to in her latest blog!

Hey, I have been in Amsterdam for quite some time now, and there have been some interesting things going on, but let’s talk about the most important: fooood!

My cooking skills are rather improvable, so it’s been a bit hard to eat my own makings. No seriously, I have been ordering quite some food lately. As all bars and restaurants still have to stay closed, a lot of them offer take-away or put up some little stands for passersby to take snacks. It’s super lovely! You can even book entire food walks and spend a whole afternoon tasting different dishes from spring rolls and panini over oysters to little cheese fondues and soups. One can eat and drink happily while exploring different parts of the city. I have done it twice now and I’m definitely going another time, when the weather is hopefully warmer and less windy because it was freezing the few last times.

However, the best food I have had in Amsterdam so far is Thai. Our Semester in Amsterdam group has established a weekly international potluck where everyone can bring his or her favourite food and Jess, an exchange student from Thailand, has cooked super tasty curries and soups!! Another essential lifesaver is, of course, coffee! You can get it everywhere but I’m addicted to my cappuccino from the bar East just downstairs from my room. As I’m home 24/7 (nope, but a lot!) I go there maybe a little bit too often. When the motivation for online studies is dropping, coffee will never fail me, or Chai Latte just for a change. Anyway, I realised that Covid student life is tough, but routines are tougher. So I gotta find one for myself! At the moment I’m just ‘deadline-ing’ through the work, but more about the academics in my next blog!


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