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Where to? Albert Cuypmarkt

Updated: May 11, 2022

Our blogger Ana takes you to the busiest market in Amsterdam, where you can find everything from fresh fruit to Dutch sweets and second hand clothes. Go on and explore it every day except Sunday - you will not regret it!

My favourite way to start a weekend is by visiting the Albert Cuypmarkt. Whether it’s morning or afternoon, to grab a snack or to look around. Within 30 minutes, you walk through a street full of vendors and people buying and selling everything you can imagine. Right at the heart of De Pijp, this famous market is filled with a diverse number of stalls. While you can use any form of transport, it is easy to reach it with the metro as the stop is at the end of the street, and there are tram stops close by. Thus, the market is easy to access.

This market has a bit of everything and visiting or living in Amsterdam without visiting this market, is not experiencing Amsterdam to its fullest! There are bike shops, fashion and vintage shops, food stalls, and more! Do you need toothpaste? You can get it there. A second-hand brand polo? You can get it there. A Turkish dessert? Maybe some baklava? You guessed it! You can get it there.

I recommend trying the made-on-the-moment 'stroopwafel' and 'poffertjes' if you have not had the chance to try these Dutch delicacies. Stroopwafels are two thin, round waffles made of sweet naked dough connected by caramel. You can get one with a chocolate topping in one of the stalls. Poffertjes are a batter treat, like small pancakes. The standard simple version is my favourite, with butter and powdered sugar!

Other than typical Dutch snacks, there are also Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and many other international bites. From empanadas to takoyaki balls, you must try the different delicacies here! I have heard wonders about an amazing dumplings place at the end of the street with a sweet vendor man. I also cannot wait to try the Italian cannoli. In cannoli shells, a stall offers these tub-shaped pastries filled with creamy fillings from various flavours such as champagne, coconut, and even mango.

There is also a cute little organic shop hidden in one of the streets, selling everything from organic soaps with amazing smells to tea sets and kitchen utensils. This place has my heart. It is also ideal for those spiritual people who collect crystals.

You will not regret visiting this place if you decide to go to Albert Cuypmarkt after reading this blog. The vibes are unmatched. Hope this blog gives you an idea of what to expect :)

Hope to see you at the market,



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