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Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into the World!

Introducing: Josefine, our newest student blogger from Denmark! Josefine is studying journalism and communication and is the Fall 2022 Semester in Amsterdam scholarship winner!

Hi there! My name is Josefine, and I have the honor of being the new student blogger for VU this coming semester. I am a 24-year-old Danish girl who lives in Copenhagen with my boyfriend. I am studying for a bachelor's degree in journalism and communication and will take courses at VU in the field of communication studies.

Why did I choose to take a semester in Amsterdam? That's an excellent question, and yet not. I have known since I started university that I would like to go on a study abroad experience but have probably always been in doubt about whether I would actually go. I am a huge security junkie and sometimes have difficulty getting out of my comfort zone. And that is why I knew that going on a study abroad experience would be a challenge for me, but at the same time, I knew it would be the best challenge I could ever give myself. I think it will benefit everyone to study abroad on a personal and a professional level. I believe you develop a lot as a person and will learn a lot about yourself at an exchange stay – and the fact that you must hear, write, and speak English all the time, will for sure develop one’s English skills.

Why Amsterdam?

When I had to decide where I wanted to go study abroad, it was a mix of choosing the right university for me, but it meant just as much to me to choose a city that I wanted to try to live in. And immediately, I thought of Amsterdam. Although I have only been to Amsterdam once, the impression of this charming city has stayed with me ever since. My first impression of Amsterdam is that it is a super beautiful, artistic place with an incredibly relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And the citizens seem just as chill and kind. Therefore, I cannot wait to explore every corner of Amsterdam, and I look forward to getting to know the Dutch culture even better!

And Why VU?

I had never heard of VU before since VU is not a partner university for my home university in Denmark. And since I was determined that I simply should not go study abroad anywhere other than Amsterdam, I had to start exploring the possibilities of being able to find a university in the beautiful Dutch capital. So, the research work started, and it did not take long before VU caught my attention. And immediately, I fell in love with the university. First, they have just made it as easy as possible to be a study abroad-student at VU. And there are sweet and nice people ready to answer you right away on all your questions on everything from big too small. It just immediately made me feel safe. What I also fell for with VU was that I could explore different aspects of the field of communication. I have chosen 5 courses in my semester, some of which are at the Faculty of Humanities and others at the Faculty of Social Sciences. At home, I study at the Faculty of Humanities, so the fact that I can also take courses in communication with a social science view is something I am very much looking forward to!

I can hardly believe that I am now sitting and writing my first blog post. After a long process with many practical matters needing to be sorted, I can finally start looking forward to the adventure that awaits me in Amsterdam! Many times, during this process, I have doubted whether it would ever happen, as there has been some bumps on the road. Now I am sitting here in my apartment in Copenhagen writing this blogpost, and I can finally begin to imagine my life in Amsterdam. I just downloaded DuoLingo and bet my Dutch is like the locals before the summer is over. Okay, maybe not, but I will try my very best. Now I will enjoy the rest of the summer with my family, boyfriend, and friends, and I will have butterflies in my stomach until I sit in my seat on the flight to Amsterdam very soon.

Tot snel!

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