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Departure and Final Thoughts

Check out our Spring 2021 Semester in Amsterdam Blogger, Sophia's, final blog post!

“Cover me in sunshine, shower me with good times”…cherishing splendid memories

Hello again! This song is really stuck in my head and it’s blocking my writing skills :)

Whatsoever, the summer has arrived in Amsterdam at last and I spent some really good time chilling in parks and enjoying the warmer weather. Our international group is slowly dissolving and everyone has either left already, or is preparing to leave soon. We had some last potlucks together and checked out some newly reopened bars and cafés. Having moved to the new place I had had some WiFi free days and exclusively worked and studied from different cafes nearby which was very relaxing. Also, I hang out in a few of the lovely parks and tried to get some taint, which was not super successful to be honest ;D

One day Maxime, Matilde and I went to the beach by bike. It was a fun trip! Maxime had heard from a local that it was a nice thing to do and we were pretty motivated to finally see the seaside. With our plain bikes, no sunscreen and everyday clothes we started our adventure. Luckily, it was a clouded day as the way was through the open countryside with little shadow along the cycle road. Later, we biked through some industrial areas and then took a ferry to cross some bay. Even though, google maps had predicted a 2-hours ride, it took us (a little) longer until we finally arrived at our destination at Sonnevanck xD

It was an open and friendly beach with pretty beach houses. There were a lot of kite surfer and it was quite a spectacle to see them jumping across the waves. Did I mention that it was quite a windy day and still there was fog hanging over the sea. Matilde was the brave one to go for a swim and then we snuggled up in a traditional café and had some hot drinks to fuel us for the ride back to Amsterdam. We took a different route back and had some well-needed barbecue. In total we biked about 80 km! Apart from a little muscle ache the next day it was quite refreshing activity. Can’t wait to explore more of the coast!

The last period is almost over and I’m already back in Munich writing these lines. I just got my first vaccination and I’m sitting in the post-vaccination waiting area. It has been great to share some of my experiences here and a big thank you for the support I received! Let me share a little secret with you… I’ve grown a sense of home in this city and I’m going to be back from October on. I gotta go home now and “have a little grandfather” (literally translated from Dutch but meaning to take a short nap).

Hope to hear from you!

xx Sophia



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